Peter Bates’ photographs have been taken in locations as diverse as Paris, Brussels, Florence, New York, Cambridge, Boston, Tampa, and Lynn. The pictures range in style from the documentary 1981 Lynn fire photographs and other nighttime shots to still life photographs of vegetables. In some shots, he has captured people walking through surreal environments, like a poster-strewn wall in Paris or a vacant lot in Lynn. Other shots taken include city scenes photographed and processed by a procedure known as high dynamic range imagery (HDRI). There are also moody shots such as "Vermont Thunder" and “Hurricane Katrina Reaches Forest Hills.”

He has had his photographs exhibited at the Alchemy Gallery, the Lynn Arts Gallery, the Visions Gallery, the Lynn Museum, the Northshore Community College Gallery, the Artists at Large Gallery, as well as in community libraries in Boston, Brookline, and Natick and various businesses. His photographs have been reproduced in printed media and have won many prizes. He was a past editor of Views, a Magazine of Photography. He has taught photography at Project Arts, Salem State College, Northshore Community College, as well as at various community forums.

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Photo by Cheryl Levin